Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Brick Miser: Lego BrickHeadz Figures

Well, those Kubros figures were an unexpected and high-quality surprise! ...Now it's time to look at something that's, unfortunately, more the norm. It's Lego's entry into the black-eyed, faceless, featureless mini-collectable market! They are Lego's BrickHeadz! ...And no, I will not make a single joke about the name in this review. ...Did that count?


Name: BrickHeadz The Joker/Beast/Owen & Blue
Brand: Lego
Model: 41588/41596/41614
Pcs: 151/116/234

I really gotta admit. For all the crap I was giving figure collectables, and the very low expectations I had for this month, Mega Bloks/Construx' Kubros threw me for a loop. They were more than just the little mystery statuettes or deformed vinyls that I was accustomed to seeing. They were articulated, well-designed, unique, and just gave off an aura of being actual figures, as opposed to a lump of plastic some company gave slight proportions to. I stand by the exceptionally high markings I gave them, and I might just go out and collect the rest of the line, which is what I also encourage you to do! Mega Bloks took the concept of collectable figures, and, with the exception of some quality defects, gave us a top tier, highly imaginative line on the same level as premium collectable figures from NECA and Toy Biz! Made even better by the fact that these can be built and taken apart at will to create even more imaginative figures!

...Unfortunately, I can't say the same for today's offering: Lego's BrickHeadz. These were also announced in 2016 at the San Diego Comic Con, and released the following year, in both single- and twin-figure packs. Like Kubros, this line contains a number of figures from super popular franchises(the majority of which are owned by Disney): Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel, DC, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie. ...But, unlike Kubros, I have very little good to say about them...

I'm not going to make it a secret that I HATE these sets! When something mentions "collectable figures", my thoughts immediately turn to deformed, black-eyed, mouthless, unarticulated figures that only bear a slight resemblance to their source character and have no other purpose than to sit around, collecting dust! And Lego's BrickHeadz meet every single one of those criteria! ...In fact, it's made even worse by the fact that they're made out of Lego! You can add features! You can mess around with gimmicks! You could include accessories! You can build more realistic or even cartoony faces for these figures! There are DOZENS of things that could be done with characters built completely out of Lego bricks! ...Yet they went with the lowest common denominator and went with the standard Funko POP look!

I haven't seen this low level of creativity in a Lego set since Jack Stone! ...Ok, that was a low blow, they're not THAT bad. ...Still, after the figures we saw last week and what figures built from building bricks can look like, this is a slap in the face...

 And yet it's THIS line that's still going strong to this day! Just recently, Lego has either announced or released sets based on Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Incredibles, Harry Potter, and additional figures from the previously mentioned franchises.

Though this line does also include a few "original" designs, not based on licensed franchises. There are seasonal, holiday sets, like the Easter Bunny here

As well as a custom BrickHeadz kit called "Go Brick Me*", which is basically a take on Lego's "Classic" line of assorted bricks, only with the pieces required to make your own OC BrickHead! ...Yeah, I don't like the professionally-designed BrickHeadz, why do you think I want to build my own dead-eyed figure?

*...There's a set called "Go Brick Me" in a line that's already called "BrickHeadz". ...They HAD to know what they were saying! ...And if they say they didn't, they can just go brick themselves...

You really want an uglier version of this guy?

If you're REALLY into BrickHeadz, and want to experience them in a virtual reality, Lego even has you covered with the Lego Brickheadz Builder VR app for Google Daydream. ...A system I unfortunately don't own, so I don't know what it's like. ...It does remind me I need to look into getting a tablet for some Lego game reviews, though. Those Sick Bricks and Nexo Knights are just sitting there, collecting dust...

 Unlike last week's sets, when I just found three random Kubros figures on my many travels to thrift stores and clearance aisles, there was a method to my madness for the BrickHeadz I have today. ...Namely, they're three sets whose designs make me want to throw up the least.

I'm sorry, but I legitimately HATE the designs of these figures THAT much! I'm instantly turned off by POP! figures, and the lack of detail and how much most of these BrickHeadz remind me of those just triggers some area of my brain that leads to instant disgust and makes me back away from these things! Very few of these figures even look like what they're supposed to be! Finn here looks like a Star Wars chocolate bar, while most of the Marvel and DC characters remind me of those little character-shaped vitamins that I took as a kid. They're so cheap and kitsch, they literally make me nauseous...

It was actually a painful process for me to go through every BrickHeadz set that was out at the time in a desperate search to find three sets with enough personality and customization to bother buying them! ...And even then, I had to settle on these three, due to some sets not arriving, or being too expensive, or simply not being available by the time this review would happen! Still, I'm mostly fine with these sets.
...But even then, if I didn't have to get these for this look at buildable collectable figures, and if not for my obsessive compulsion to own stupid brick sets, I probably wouldn't have them in the house. I'm sorry, but I can't name one BrickHeadz set I'd be comfortable with owning.

...Ok, I can't name TWO sets I'd be comfortable with owning.

Hey, I'm trying to be cynical here! ...Whatever! I don't need to take this! Let's just start the look at these figures!

The overall layout of these boxes is actually very similar to the Kubros boxes. ...Only a little more "mainstream Lego" and not as "niche collectable" as the Kubros boxes made themselves out to be.

Once again, we have the figure inside staring at us on the front of the box, giving you a pretty good idea of what you're going to be getting. ...Unfortunately...

While the name of the line sits comfortably on the figure's head. ...And if I had to say something good about these sets(and I do, since you're probably sick of my passive-aggressive attitude at this point), the name BrickHeadz is a much more descriptive name than what we had last week. Even if I didn't know these existed, just somebody saying "BrickHeadz" would conjure up thoughts of characters built out of building bricks, and it would get me hyped to see what they were! ...My hype would probably die down once I did, but at least the name triggers me to search for what they are! As opposed to "Kubros", which sounds like a nerdcore rap group.

Plus, the figure standing in for the "H" is adorable. ...Can I have a figure of that instead?

 As is typical of Lego sets, the side of the front of the box bears the company logo, plus the name, model, age recommendation, piece count, and what Lego actually is(a "Building Toy".)

...Though strangely, even though they printed the name on the side(in microscopic print), they also stuck it in the bottom-right corner, next to the number it is in the line(again, similar to Kubros.) ...Why the repetition? Seeing as how this is a collectable figure range, it would make sense for the name to take up a corner instead of being hidden in the smaller text, so why not just have the name in that area for this line? Did they just not want to break with tradition? ...I know it sounds like I'm harping on nothing, but when you put the name in two places on the same side of the box, and have the text where it's usually put microscopically small, it's going to raise some questions...

Also, I like the brick border on the bottom. ...No joke. I just do.

It even becomes a full brick wall on the side. And, all in all, aren't we all just bricks in the wall? Right? ...Hey, you! ...Is there anybody out there? ...Eh, you're probably just sitting back, comfortably numb. The show must go on.

Also like the Kubros box, we have a picture of who the set is based on on the other side, though not as stylized. ...Also, technically NOT the actual character, as this is the brick set of the brick figure of the movie character of the comic character. ...I guess, despite its faults, this set does have a lot of character!

I love how they actually had to print next to the character "Minifigure not included." If you really think this set comes with a minifigure, despite what's shown on the front of the box, I don't think you should be buying Lego. ...Probably can't even be trusted with Duplo... Lego Baby, maybe...

Besides, I already have the minifigure situation taken care of.

But, since the text says that the minifigure isn't included, I guess this set actually doesn't have any character at all!

 ...Ok, I'll move on.

On the set with the Beast, instead of using a minifigure, they have the animated version of the character as a representation.

Which, considering what the minifigure looks like, is probably for the best...

The last comparison I can make to the Kubros box is that they both have the line of characters these figures belong to on the back. Only in Lego's case, it's the line of figures that are already available and preceding/following the set's number. I like it. It keeps things more organized than the Kubros line, where I have no idea what's already available or what other characters there are from the same franchise.

With sets like this Jurassic World two-pack, where it's not clear if they're going to make more characters from the property, they simply put the two characters on the back, staring into each other's eyes longingly. ...Juras-SHIP World, amiright?

The tops and bottoms of these boxes contain the same repetition of certain points, the "actual size" clarifier, and the same boring legal information as usual, so nothing to comment on here.

 However, one final peeve I have before we start looking at the sets regards the opening of the boxes. These are opened using the "punch" method that Lego likes to use with the smaller boxes(and some of the bigger boxes), which, as a collector trying to preserve as many elements as possible, drives me insane! ...Except it's actually worse here, because they put the punch on the BOTTOM! Meaning that the only way to open this box without tearing it apart(and even that's debatable) is to open it from the bottom flap, which makes it pretty hard to keep pieces or the figure itself in afterwards...

The bigger box helpfully has it on the side, which makes it easier to continue using as a, well, BOX. ...But here's an idea: Don't have the punch on the boxes to begin with! Three words: Cell. O. Tape!

And let's not forget the "0-3" warning

 But the 10+ age recommendation.

Anyone between those ages will learn firsthand how the Joker got those scars...

Alright, I think I've found enough good and bad points about the set so far to even it out to a happy medium. Let's put these together and see if that attitude sticks! And if a leprechaun jumps through my window with a spare pot of gold! ...Both have pretty much the same chance of happening.


 The figures have been given form! And, I can say for a fact, 100% certainty, that my opinion of these figures has... NOT improved! If anything, it's gotten a bit worse...

Again, I really enjoyed the Kubros because they had a design to themselves, and I could see them as more than just little statuettes. ...These are just POP! figures... Black-eyed, immobile, deformed, undetailed, dead inside BORING POP! figures! They didn't even try to hide that fact! They're so generic and cookie-cutter, with the exact same distinguishing features, I'm a little surprised Funko hasn't tried to sue! ...Then again, going up against Lego is the equivalent of drinking an arsenic and cyanide colada in a pit of hungry lions and expecting to emerge without a scratch...

Actually, I think these might be even WORSE than POP! figures! At least those have proportions and I can turn their heads!

I'm legitimately struggling for things to say, these are so BORING! No articulation, (mostly)no accessories, nothing to set them apart from a dozen other deformed collectible lines. I guess I can say that they're more solid than Kubros, and I didn't have any fear of these falling apart if I touched the wrong piece. ...But that's because they're mostly a block! It's pretty hard to accidentally break a solid rectangle!

In fact, let's talk about the solidity for a second. To keep these figures from caving in, they split the human-shaped figures in two, a head and body, and gave each a core. The body has two round 2x2 blocks, which works with no questions(save for why they're round and not cubes?)

While the head DOES have a core made of cubes, save for a round 2x2 plate to give the core the same height as the inside of the head. ...And, for some reason, the top cube is PINK. ...For seemingly no reason! It's surrounded by other bricks, so it's not visible from anywhere on the head, and it's the ONLY pink block on the entire figure, so why make all the other core bricks gray save for this ONE brick?

It's not just unique to this Joker figure, either. All 4 characters I own also have pink bricks right at the top of their cores, and the other figures have even more colorful cores than Joker! The Beast's is orange(with a yellow 2x2 plate), Owen is green, and the raptor Blue is green/tan. These colors show up NOWHERE else on the figure, cannot be seen on the figure at any angle, and only serve the purpose of keeping the figure from caving in.

Heck, Owen and Blue even have different-colored cores; red and yellow, respectively!

I have 3 hypotheses why they decided to make the cores different and out-of-place colors to the rest. 1) They're easier to catch during the instructions, since they stand out from the main bricks. ...Though if this is the case, it comes across more as needlessly pointing out the obvious, since the cores are the ONLY time 2x4 cubes are used.

2) They serve as a product identifier during packing, similarly to how less prolific brick companies will print serial numbers on a brick to keep track of what they made and how many of each. Possibly still not a good explanation, as Lego seemingly hasn't had any problems keeping track of even smaller sets in the past, but it's a more likely scenario than the first.

3) It's an anti-piracy measure, to keep bootlegs from getting passed off as the real thing. This, in my opinion, is the most likely of the three. Pirates are so anxious to start churning out their cheap reproductions, that they'll likely start producing them either before or during launch. Since they don't have as many colors and molds immediately on hand to work with, it's likely that pirate sets have differently colored cores, meaning that you can instantly tell the difference between the real thing and the fake based on the colors included. ...At least during the first batch, before they catch on and fix their mistake, but Lego's moved on to new sets by then and doesn't care. ...Of course, I'm saying this without a bootleg set on hand to test it, hence why it's only a hypothesis, but I like how it sounds. You're free to correct me!

Of course, I don't think pirates are worried about people not falling for their fakes, since they're not even selling the same product as Lego. ...But we'll get to that shortly.

Actually, wait a minute! ...There's a pink brick. In the figure's head. Right near the top. With no other pink bricks to be found. ...Did Lego actually design their BrickHeadz with BRAINS?!

 I think we just found the first officially-licensed Lego set endorsed by zombies and Hannibal Lecter!

Did I say that these figures had nothing new to add? I take it ALL back! 10/10! Perfect creativity score! Figures built with brains in their heads are something I need! I now need every single BrickHeadz set! I need 100 of each! These are the greatest brick sets I've ever seen, so go and clean out every Walmart in your area until you have more brains than a Mensa convention!

...Or that's not the case at all, and I just got a little carried away(big shock.) ...Still, that's raised the creativity score of these things a bit more than what I was going to give it! ...A bit more...

 Besides the unexpected horrific awesomeness of these figures having a central nervous system, the only other thing I can find to point out with this line as a whole are the odd instruction manual pictures. Instead of simply using the same picture on the front of the box as usual, the figures are instead posed facing straight at the viewer, and positioned so the manual has to be turned vertically to see it! ...Why? Why go through the trouble of taking another picture for the manual, and why position it in a way that makes it difficult for the buyer to see it?

Unless they wanted to emulate a centerfold. ...We do not need Lego porn in our lives....

With that out of the way, let's talk about each of the figures. Starting with the Joker here. Like I mentioned, this is the The Lego Batman Movie variant, hence the hairstyle and outfit. ...And if the Joker in that movie looked like this, I think they would have had to give it a hard R for scary images...

 The face is the same lifeless expression that these and Funko figures are known for, except they DID give it a few distinguishing details. The eyes have a bit of light-blue eyeshadow behind them, enhancing the clown makeup, and, of course, there's his trademark red smile. ...Which is less of a smile, and more like he just got a left-hook from that living red crayon you see on a Crayola box. ...Still, as I'll show you later, it's SOMETHING at least.

And what is this on the side of his mouth? A tooth? Drool? A tiny Doritos chip that lodged itself in his gums? I get the impression it was put there to break up the red streak so parents won't be worried their kids were playing with a bloody-mouthed Lego figure, but there's no clear indication of what it is! ...We'll just call it Hank, and say that it's taken up residence in Joker's mouth. Problem solved!

I DO have to give Lego credit that they created unique decals for each of their figures, actually giving them a pattern similar to their counterparts. This DOES look like Lego Joker's jacket, with a skull-patterned tie and oddly-placed pockets. ...And since it looks so good, I'm almost convinced they spent more time on the pattern than the design of the figure...

I also kind of love the pieces used for the ears. You could fly with those things!

 It's a shame that the arms don't move. ...And that they look like McDonald's hashbrowns....

This was the most frustrating set to put together, due to the complexity and number of pieces for the hair. I guess I gotta give them credit again, it DOES look like Lego Joker's slicked-back hairstyle, and it's made with a multitude of bricks, giving it a bit of the chaotic edge Joker's known for. It's possibly the most impressive part of the entire figure, and one of the most complex Lego hairstyles I've seen!

Unfortunately, it also makes him very back-heavy, making it hard to stand him up properly. The price of fashion, I guess.

Speaking of standing him up, each BrickHead also comes with a baseplate, which is a 6x4 plate with 1x4 and 2x4 smooth plates, and a 1x4 plate with studs on each side to keep him standing. The 2x4 also has the BrickHeadz mascot speaking a speech bubble with "1" inside. I'm assuming this means Series 1, since it also appears with the Beast's baseplate, and I've seen the number 2 on newer figures. ...Not all of them, but I'll explain later.

And speaking of the Beast, here he is! Straight from the beloved animated classic! ...Because if this was the version from the Emma Watson nightmare, it would be immediately sprinkled with holy water and salt, burned, and scattered at sea so it'll never again inflict its horror on anyone...

On the same subject, I WAS tempted to get Belle and make it a set. But... Yeah. Less "Disney Princess" and more "Crimson Peak" dollar store toy...

Actually, this might be my favorite one of the lot. Yes, it still has the typical expressionless, noseless face, but they've given enough facial detail to give it... A FACE! I like the ridged eyebrows, I like the protruding teeth, I like the goatee, I like the ears and horns, I like how it looks like a character and not a pair of eyes on a plate! It's CUTE! And for this line, that's as good as it gets!

On the other hand, I'm not that big a fan of the outfit. Again, they included a unique decal brick to replicate his appearance in the movie, which is harder to make out due to Beast's goatee, but with the outfit shrunk down to this level, and the overemphasis on yellow, it looks like Beast is actually wearing an old-fashioned sailor outfit.

"I'm Beastye, the Sailor Man! I'm Beastye, the Sailor Man! My strength won't diminish 'til Gaston is finished! I'm Beastye, the Sailor Man!"

I do like the bow in the back of his hair, though, and how they pulled off his groomed-back, sleeked down mane, without having to use that many pieces. He does indeed look like a well-kempt gentleman!

 With a tail! That's a free bonus!

Sadly, we must leave the land of decent-enough quality and look upon Jurassic World's Owen. ...Wow. I've already forgotten this guy. And I'm staring RIGHT at him!

That was one of the major problems while I was trying to find three figures worth getting. They all look the same! It's the exact same blank face with two beady eyes, just with different outfits! Just slap a wig on one to make it Black Widow, or put it in a Stormtropper outfit to make it Finn, or a blue dress to make Elsa. They're so featureless and without personality, I think I'd get more joy dressing up a mannequin at Macy's!

That's why I purposely chose Joker and Beast for this look. They at least HAVE a face!

Unless it turns out this is secretly a Doctor Who tie-in, and they just forgot to include a hand that shoots ballistic bullets, this is just pathetic...

Even older Lego figures SMILED! ...They were just as creepy, but STILL!

It doesn't help that his outfit isn't particularly memorable, either. It's the same from the movies: a blue shirt under a brown jacket. It's the standard outfit action actors like to put on to shows that they're "rough" and "outdoorsmen", yet still have enough charm to seduce the leading lady. Just ask Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burt Reynolds, or, of course, Chris Pratt, and they'll all say that the look attracts legions of female followers like flies to a horse. It's the "Instant Musk" outfit. ...If worn correctly.

Which, sorry figure, but without Chris Pratt's stubble to complete the look, you look like a costume someone made themselves for their toddler...

 This is the only figure I own that comes with an accessory; something that seems to be exclusive to two-packs like this. ...And even the accessory is boring! It looks like something I'd throw together for a video because I need a quick gun for the character! I barely even get that it IS a gun! It looks like they couldn't decide if it was a tranquilizer gun or a sniper rifle, so they just smashed a few pieces together and said "We'll just let the customer decide." ...Well, I've decided that you're not even trying to hide that this is a quick cash-in on an already stupid craze, and, if I could, I'd return these sets for a 110% refund...

This isn't even the two-pack I wanted to feature here. I WANTED the Back to the Future Marty McFly/Doc Brown set, since they at least had interesting outfits and accessories(or Marty did, anyway...) ...But everyone else decided they wanted one too, and I couldn't find a set that wasn't a million dollars before this review, so I had to grab what I have here at Walmart. ...It was either that, or wait several months for the Minecraft set, and I wanted to tackle this line before it lost any more relevance...

So let's wrap things up with the final figure I have, and the other part of the two-pack: Blue, the raptor. First, MAJOR points for breaking from the mold and giving us a different figure type than most other BrickHeadz. It's nice to know that they can step out of their comfort zone for different styles when they need to. ...That said, even the freakin' dinosaur is BORING!

It's as featureless as everything else we've seen so far. Only instead of a stick, it's a blob! It's... slightly in a lizard-like shape, I guess, but, save for the scaly decals, there's barely anything to suggest that this is a dinosaur, let alone one from Jurassic World! I'd say it reminds me of a chibi, but even a chibi would have some sort of expression!

It's also WAAAAYY too cute and nonthreatening given what it is, especially since they gave it decal teeth that barely resemble teeth! For something like this to work, the pattern would have to wrap around the entire front of the mouth, in a way that actually LOOKS like a row of teeth! At the very least, the teeth need to be as near to the edge of the plate as possible, so they look like they're actually in the MOUTH! As is, it looks like torn flesh, like it got into a nasty fight with the Indominus Rex, and bone is showing on its jawline! ...And while that would give it toughness points it's sorely needing, they're for the wrong reason...

Come on! You're Lego! I'm sure you have some of those pointy white pieces laying around somewhere! I did, and my blog has the budget of a ham sandwich!

Even the claws are just "toenails"! Was there just a shortage of pointed pieces the day they put these together? ...And was enough of the world clamoring for this figure so much, that they couldn't put it off until they restocked? I could have waited...

I'm also not crazy about the build. The haunches are located on the far underside of the figure, while all the weight is on the top on the other side of the figure. That means the main body can easily break off the leg portions if I so much as touch it, giving us a wonderful look at what I'm hoping is just the underbelly of the creature...

The baseplate, by the way, is completely blank for this two-pack. I'm guessing the Series numbers are assigned only to figures they have intention of producing more of their respective franchises, so one-offs like this aren't considered "canon" with the rest of the line. ...SOMETHING would hav been nice here, though, if just the BrickHeadz logo! ...Or would that have been too creative and they didn't want to upstage this figure?

Since I'm completely unfair, here's the same character in the Lego Dimensions minikit form. Less than half the pieces, but a LOT more detail, with eyes, teeth, claws, talons, and articulation! And it LOOKS like a raptor and not a lump of clay! I'll collect 25 of these before I collect another one of the BrickHeadz version! ...The fact that I can interact with the Dimensions version in game is also a plus, but that's irrelevant here.

It also goes without saying that minifigure Owen > BrickHeadz Owen.

And that was a sample of the BrickHeadz line. ...Are there really any other ways I can say "I don't like this line"? They're bland, they're unimaginative, they're overpriced, and they serve no purpose other than as part of a collecting fervor. ...Which I REALLY hope we soon snap out of, so Lego can stop making these. I bought a couple just to show off, and I'm NOT buying any ever again!

Especially since I'm convinced I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night, and this will be the last thing I'll ever see...


Quality: Lego quality. What I judge everything else against. No complaints.

Design: ...They're Lego versions of POP! figures. That is LITERALLY the long and short of it. They're bricks made of bricks, given stubby arms, black button eyes, and very minimalist other features(if any.) In fact, if anything, they're WORSE than POP! figures, since those can at least turn their heads, and they're molded with relatively accurate details and accessories! Besides some custom decals, which do look good on the figures, BrickHeadz are barely a step above building a pillar of bricks and painting it yourself! Some figures are given additional facial features, especially the Beast, which is still my favorite of the lot, but otherwise, the entire face, the center of expression and personality, is comprised of two black eyes on a plate! That's not only lazy, it's creepy! Even when they try to create other forms for the figures, such as the raptor, they botch it up so much with how minimalist they try to keep it, it's barely above just constructing a dinosaur yourself out of parts you have lying around! In short, you're paying $20 for a figure you have to then construct before you can stick it in on a shelf, when you could have bought the same figure for $5 and not even needed to take it out of the box. Possibly better future resale value with the POP! figure, as well.

Creativity: It's a chore trying to come up with anything to say about this line, let alone anything GOOD! I guess the hairstyles are given a lot of work, with how many different types of bricks go into them, and how it takes the longest to put them together, so the figures are granted some personality. And then there's the strangely colored cores for each figure, each topped with a BRAIN! That alone gives the innards more creativity points than anything on the outside! Just... What was the thought process behind that? Was that actually a way to keep track of sets, or to curtail piracy, or just done out of pure boredom? ...Besides those elements, these are so bland and unimaginative, they actually HURT to look at! They all look the same, they're given the bare minimum of detail, and any "bonus" features or accessories feel like they should have been standard with ALL figures in this line! When I'm saying that POP! figures have more variety and accuracy than a Lego line, you know something's gone horribly wrong...

Readability: Lego instructions. No complaints.

Packaging: The boxes actually appear to be designed with "collectors" in mind. On the front, we have a picture of the figure, while the side has a picture of the actual thing, and the back shows the other figures in the range. All standard features of a box trying to convince you it contains something fun and potentially valuable! I like the brick pattern running along the bottom, which then merges into the brick wall on the side, giving it more of a hint that these involve Lego bricks, and I like the names in the bottom-right corner, along with the number it is in the line. All of these really scream "collector items", and peak your interest of how they'll look when actually assembled! Overall, I can say that the boxes do their job of promoting their contents. ...Despite their contents not worth promoting.

Compatibility: They're made completely out of Lego bricks, which are compatible with all standard building brick sets. I guess they can also be used as figures, but not on the same level as Kubros, and only if you want ugly abominations of these characters as part of your playset. Still, what matters here are the pieces.


Yes, we've finally come across an official Lego product I can't stand. These are possibly the worst, most unimaginative cash-in sets I've ever seen from Lego. The quality is still Lego, and some elements are just so bizarre, they're almost worth buying these to check out, but besides that, they're only given the bare minimum in terms of design and creativity! They're limboing under the low standards the market already set, which, as this is LEGO we're talking about, is inexcusable! These figures are ugly, boring, badly designed, and, worst of all, POINTLESS! I can't even recommend these to hardcore collectors, they lack so much! If you're really dying for a collectable, deformed figure, just go for one of the few dozen other lines out there(or Kubros), unless you find one of these used in a thrift store somewhere and you're morbidly curious about the core situation. ...Still, I guess the major good point that can be given to these is that they're made of Lego. Meaning you can take them apart and make something more imaginative out of them. ...Like the previously mentioned toilet...

And with that, we've covered all brick sets made specifically to cash in on the deformed collectable figure craze! ...Or at least, the OFFICIAL, LICENSED brick sets meant to cash in on the craze... Next week, we finish up this look at buildable, collectable figures with cash-ins of cash-ins of cash-ins! From our pals in China! I mean, it can't get any worse than this week, right? ...Right...?